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Japan itinerary sample - هتل تیکت

Japan itinerary sample

Example of an 8-day trip to Japan (Tokyo + Kyoto)

Compared to other embassies, the Japanese embassy takes fewer documents from the visa application, which is one of the most important documents required for the travel plan.

Considering that the Japanese embassy does not announce the reason for the registration, it is very important to write a suitable program according to the conditions of the traveler in the formats requested by the embassy.

Sample format of Japan travel plan accepted by the Japanese Embassy

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Keep the following in mind when writing an itinerary:

Write your travel plan with the number of trips and your previous visas, for example, a seven-day plan is suitable for someone who travels a lot.

The orderliness of the documents is important for the Japanese embassy, write the travel plan in the requested format

Enter the date of the itinerary at the top of the itinerary

Enter the date of entry and exit to Japan

Prepare the program according to your purpose, for example, if the purpose of your trip is to attend a seminar, it is better to visit scientific places.

Choose popular and popular tourist trips in the program

Imagine your trip in your mind and write a description of the possible events in Japan in simple language between the itinerary, for example, searching and delving into Japanese food or Japanese bath and…

The written language of the travel plan in Japanese is English, leave the final editing of the plan to an English language editor with minimal spelling mistakes.

Cities are a red line for Iranians! Iranian mafia gangs are there

Remember the name of the airport where you enter Japan and which you wrote in the form

Write your type of transportation within Japan in the program, for example, public transportation is a suitable option for tourist travel.

Write the hotel, the place of stay and the phone number of the hotel for each night in detail in the program

Get help to find beautiful places and to visit the internet and travel memories of others

No need to keep the schedule but have a general picture of the itinerary in mind, be ready when the interviewer asks you

Sample of the filled-out form of the 8-day tourist travel letter in Japan Word

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